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Xerox simple@work

V + X = big WOM

(word of mouth!)

Sometimes it pays to have a Big Mouth! Velocity helped Xerox successfully bring attention to the many business services they provide to customers and reposition the company.  Those who weren’t aware of its evolving brand may have equated Xerox with copy machines only. As one of the leading providers of business services in the world, with offerings from accounting to document management services, Xerox knew it needed to showcase itself in a new light.

This premiere business process event was named simple@work representing how Xerox’s many services can make life vastly easier for their partners and customers. A two-day event at Cipriani’s Wall Street was developed with content that was organized by function and industry, offering like-minded professionals the ability to network and share ideas within their function or with industry peers as they proceeded through their selected content journey.

The main stage was packed with highlights from keynotes by Hilary Clinton, Steve Forbes, and Sir Ken Robinson, to performances by Cirque du Soleil and Disney on Broadway. Interviews with key Xerox partners McDonald’s and the U.S. Tennis Association featured success stories and impactful third-party validation.

Live content generation at simple@work was also a top priority. The event started (prior to doors opening) with a CNBC Squawk Box Interview with Xerox CEO Ursula Burns, broadcast live from the show floor. Additionally, 30 Vine videos, video blogs and blogs were created on-site and shared via corporate social media channels in real time. In addition, social media conversations surrounding the event were displayed via a visualizer on large LED screens in the site’s grand hall.

Results showed that 91 percent of participants rated the event “excellent” or “very good,” while 87 percent said they were “extremely likely” to recommend the affair. The event generated 10,000+ social media engagements, giving Xerox a truly big WOM for generating new business leads.

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