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Panasonic All Digital CES

"P" is for pivot


Experience Design & Technology Awards:
Best Digital Experience

What’s the most important word starting with ‘P’ in this story, Panasonic, pandemic, or is it pivot?!  We’ll say pivot for the sake of this project description because that’s exactly what we (Velocity XD) helped Panasonic do at CES ’21.

Velocity worked with Panasonic’s senior marcom team to provide a creative strategy for converting the message delivery from a live show to an entirely digital experience. The global pandemic presented a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to tell Panasonic’s B2B solutions story in a new, more relevant way. Panasonic’s solutions such as air purification systems for the home and on airplanes, contactless retail technology, and immersive digital entertainment would be top of mind for many in the post COVID world. Velocity worked with Panasonic to craft a bold new narrative featuring Panasonic’s B2B solutions in a “best-in-show” interactive digital experience.

The digital experience was architected, developed, and went live with a robust engaging digital experience site built on the existing enterprise Drupal platform in record time – 9 weeks. Attendees were treated to dozens of interactive digital experiences to showcase Panasonics latest product innovations including an in-vehicle experience, an entertaining cooking competition with The Try Guys and an online concert with The Cold War Kids where attendees could choose to view the performance from different camera angles. The experience also included hosted digital VIP tours with popular TV personality and technology expert Katie Lindoll, and a fully digital Global Press Conference staged in a custom designed virtual reality studio.

If you know us, you know we calibrated Panasonics messaging with an eye toward having maximum impact.  Panasonic hit all their marketing objectives for the show. And our team was recognized with two Telly awards for Immersive & Mixed Reality Remote Production and for Immersive & Mixed Reality Interactivity.

  • Traffic exceeded estimate by  55% (209,052)

  • Generated almost 4X the number of leads vs 2020

  • 1043 live views of the Press Conference

In the end ‘P’ was for a great performance all-around.

Panasonic 2021 Presentation CES
Panasonic latest products CES 2021
Augmented reality car screen Panasonic CES 2021
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