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Velocity is a boutique agency built around a core of highly-experienced professionals. Most of us came from the large agencies, and we believe the big agency model is less relevant today than ever. It isn’t flexible and it certainly doesn’t provide great value. Our low overhead model is that of a modern agency with a purposely flat organization. We all work on projects. Our creative teams are world-class and that’s how we treat them. Contractors are our partners, and we covet and respect their abilities. This means we: 

Have our senior leadership actively involved from strategy through execution.

Hire additional talent required, beyond our core team, on an as-needed basis.

Have long-standing relationships with contract talent and partners globally.

Deliver the right expertise without the costly overhead of traditional agencies

Each of us here want to make a positive impact in business and world we live in.  We always do right by our clients, practicing transparency and openness, and fair play are how we run this shop. Our production team is COVID certified to provide the safest experiences when onsite, and whenever possible, we do our part to support sustainability in every event we produce. 

While we put a huge emphasis on the creative side of the business and making an impact, we’re also very much focused on business results. We use data to guide strategy and creative on the front end of a project and on the backend to tell us how we did. We understand the drill is drive growth and move the needle on specific business results.

In fact, we are helping to lead the charge in use of data as founding members of the Experiential Marketing Measurement Coalition. 

We invite you to see for yourself whether you’re a potential client or team member.

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