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Filecoin networkbase

CoinBase Consensus ’23 had something for everyone!

If you’re into crypto then chances are you’re aware of or have been to CoinBase Consensus in Austin each Spring. In case you don’t know, Consensus is the world's largest and most influential gathering bringing together all sides of the cryptocurrency community. Consensus attracts thousands of people who want to learn, network, and get exposure to the latest developments. As the leading decentralized cloud storage solution in this community, Filecoin hosts a branded co-working space for all Consensus attendees at The Riley Building in downtown Austin. 

Filecoin networkbase provides Consensus attendees with a unique combination of social and business networking interactions throughput the entire week of the conference.  Along with networking, Filecoin also offered a weeklong slate of speakers and panels with content unique to Filecoin and Web3. Filecoin Network Base had something for everyone. Attendees could post up to work, or catch a lightning talk, participate in workshops with developers, or learn about the latest on the Filecoin Virtual Machine.

Consensus attendees love to catch some of the fun activations at Filecoin Network Base like the Chess Meetup for Gigabrains [yes, in-person chess matches] and the Gaming on Filecoin mixer. Filecoin Network Base is a key component in helping build community to accelerate the growth of their decentralized block-chain storage network. We were happy to help our Filecoin clients create another successful event and make a huge impact with the Consensus ’23 attendees. 

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