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Vera Bradley Premiere Velocity XD

Vera Bradley Premiere

Build it and
they will come

Velocity adorned paisleys and plaids at an amazing Vera Bradley Premiere; showcasing their new lines of product. We transformed a premiere hotel property into a product showcase launching the next season’s designs for one of the hottest women’s accessory brands in the world.

It took 12 Tractor trailer loads of AV equipment, environmental elements and product to turn several ballrooms into an 360 degree immersive brand experience that featured a full replica of a retail store, six interactive studios, a 20,000+ square foot product showroom, educational sessions, and a main stage for general sessions.

The event had a huge impact on Vera Bradley’s business, with booming sales orders, endless social media impressions & press column inches written about the new product line.

Vera Bradley Premiere Audience Participation Velocity XD
Vera Bradley Premiere Event
Vera Bradley Store Mock Up Velocity XD
Vera Bradley_Premiere Store
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