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Panasonic — Global Press Conference

Immersive experiences - leading the way forward

Entertainment is moving quickly into the realm of immersive experiences. Panasonic is making large-scale immersive entertainment activations possible with its line of the brightest projectors in the world. To showcase their new projectors and how Panasonic is powering immersive entertainment they asked us to recreate one of the public immersive entertainment attractions they support, Area 15 in Las Vegas, on the CES show floor. We replicated the same experience quality at Area 15 and other Panasonic-supported attractions like the Van Gogh Exhibition: The Immersive Experience. Our team created a stunning immersive visual presentation using Unreal Engine. The enormous 3D graphic files were rendered using the OTOY RNDR network. RNDR is a distributed GPU rendering network built on blockchain technology.

In 2022, Panasonic asked us to produce a global press conference from their immersive space and studios in New York to show the world how they are supporting an exploding immersive entertainment industry. Our team designed and produced the multi-location digital press conference. We assisted Panasonic with story development, scripting, and speaker support, as well as media creation. We also managed all the technical requirements to produce the show. 

The press conference came off without a hitch. The global audience responded with thousands of live views, 60% increased traffic, and 4X the leads from people interested in Panasonic’s products. The international press gave Panasonic's message extensive coverage. Velocity XD has received industry recognition for our work with Panasonic. 

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