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VW ID 7 wide shot by JN.JPEG

Volkswagen ID.7 CES '23

Volkswagen Rolls a ‘7’ and Wins Big at CES in Las Vegas!

It’s lucky number seven, or in this case, its Volkswagen’s all-new ID.7 electric vehicle, that wins a lot of attention and tons of accolades at CES in Las Vegas. VW’s 30 x 30 meter cube-shaped activation was situated outside Central Hall at Las Vegas Convention Center. Looking very much like a cool VW branded die, it contained a fully automated digital and LED immersive experience. FOMO and curiosity is the ‘thing’ smartly designed into the activation that drove people to see what’s inside VW’s cube. 

Attendees were treated to a pleasing, modern vibe, with music, refreshments, and opportunities to engage with VW brand via several social media backdrops. The entire activation was Instagram able from any angle. Once inside the cube, guests were awestruck by an immersive experience featuring ROE LED laced walls, and the all-new ID.7 painted with 40 coats of high-tech, electroluminescent paint sectioned into 22 individually activated LED panels. As the ID.7 rotated on a turntable, the car and the LED walls of the activation were totally in sync, communicating via visual SFX and an amazing soundtrack. The fully automated experience was controlled from an iPad and could be switched on by the touch of a button. The media experience was intense enough to warrant an audio warning to anyone who is photosensitive. 

The activation and the reveal of the all-new ID.7 was a smashing success for VW. Our work helped VW’s PR team create terrific content to promote ID.7. Mainstream media and automotive press, from Forbes to Car and Driver, gave VW a wide range of positive coverage. And so, VW with Velocity XD’s help came up big in Las Vegas at the largest trade show in the US. However, that’s not the entire story. If the odds makers in Las Vegas had learned there were only five weeks to complete this entire project, they would have bet against it! But that is exactly what happened, and our team, under great leadership by our VW clients coordinating multiple agency partners were able to beat all odds to make this event happen. 

Creating immersive experiences is a growing interest for brands, and something we’re known for having produced others, like an amazing immersive experience for Panasonic at CES in 2022. But that’s another great ‘only in Las Vegas’ story...

ID.7 desert road front quarter .jpg
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