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Panasonic CES 

How to amaze 
your LIVE audience 

Working with Panasonic for 5 years at CES gave us a unique insight how to bring a fresh take on surprising and intriguing their audience (and our client). We saw an opportunity at the 2020 trade show experience to tell the big story of how Panasonic uses technology to create a better world and improve lives through smart mobility, immersive entertainment, wellness technologies and intelligent home solutions.

Attendees were treated to interactive experiences that featured Panasonic Technologies including a ride on an electronic Harley Davidson motorcycle through a virtual environment, a behind-the-scenes look at Disney’s new Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge attraction, a VR in-vehicle smart mobility demo, live concerts with DJ Skratch Bastid, and Esports swimming competitions on the show-floor against fellow attendees and a real-life Team Panasonic member Michael Phelps. Velocity handled strategy, design, concepting, and media production for the show-floor and accompanying global press conference.

Panasonic Technics CES 2020
Virtual Reality Panasonic Velocity XD
Virtual reality Panasonic
Panasonic CES case Study 2020 Velocity XD
Michael Phelps playing panasonic ping-pong
Michael Phelps Virtual Swimming Panasonic CES 2020
Panasonic CES 2020
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