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This is your Y

The YMCA of the USA is a national resource office, not a parent organization, and every YMCA location is independently operated. So, your neighborhood YMCA is truly your YMCA.  So ‘Y’ is this important? 

Because the YMCA of the USA has objectives very similar to most franchised businesses. Number one is providing great service value to thousands of independent YMCA operations and hundreds of the thousands of staff members and volunteers across America.  And just like other well run franchise operators, think companies like Taco Bell or virtually any automotive manufacturer, The YMCA of the USA brings all the independent ‘Y’ CEO’s and their leadership teams together for the bi-annual General Assembly of the YMCAs. Velocity XD has had the privilege of working with the YMCA of the USA for many years on this project as well as several other smaller event communications programs annually.  Our job is to help the YMCA of the USA executive team craft their messaging, and design and produce a theatrical environment to deliver their message to the entire YMCA universe with impact, to inspire action. The General Assembly is a huge project, a full-on conference, with 4,500 attendees, multiple activations over four days, including general sessions, theme parties, dozens of concurrent breakout sessions, and trade show. General Assembly offers abundant opportunities to network with other leaders; first-hand engagement with nationally recognized thought leaders; exposure to 200+ companies at the largest YMCA exhibition of products and solutions; and a first look at new national initiatives before they launch.​ Velocity XD ensured this latest General Assembly was a smashing success. Our clients were thrilled we helped them to nail all KPI’s and the survey results confirmed YMCA attendees saw great value in the event. 

So ‘Y’ is this relationship special to our team. Along with our fanatical dedication to helping clients, especially service organizations, our founder and CEO worked at a YMCA camp during his college years. And those experiences helped shape the guy he is today.

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